Stage 5: Groundwork

On a typical construction project, the first on site are the groundworks team; responsibilities typically include preparing site access, clearing the site, preparing trenches for the foundations and services, and subsequent installation of the power, gas, water and drainage services.


Self-build projects can vary from the above as management of the project is typically the clients responsibility. Some self-builders may engage a specialist groundwork contractor to manage all of this for them, and some may wish to do this themselves.


groundworks for self build house project


In our experience, self builders can – for workload, budgetary or inexperience reasons – overlook their responsibilities as a construction client. Do not forget that your responsibilities as a construction client may stretch (some by law) to being personally responsible for actions on site, the provision dry, hard-standing storage, hot and cold running ‘potable’ water, WC, mechanical handling (with associated licensed operators), as well as health and safety signage, paperwork, waste management and training etc…this part of the self-build project should consider all of these areas.


Talk to your Simply Self-Build consultant who will be able to advise how we can help with some of these groundwork contracting issues.

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