Stage 8: Finishing

Now that your timber frame 'shell' is complete, services can start almost immediately.

Completed self build timber frame home example

It is advised to complete the structure as you see fit (all projects are different), but a typical order of events may be:

  • First-fix joinery, including external doors and windows
  • Felt, batten and tile roof
  • Cladding the structure: brickwork, timber or render
  • Wind & Watertighting; Vents, Fascias, Soffits etc
  • First-fix electrical
  • First-fix plumbing & heating
  • Fitting of insulation to ceilings (and walls, if not factory-fitted with timber frame)
  • Plasterboard ceilings and walls
  • Second-fix carpentry
  • Second-fix electrical
  • Second-fix plumbing & heating


You should be allowing around 8-10 weeks to complete the above, but this will depend on your project variables. During this time, it is also the ideal opportunity to complete your:

  • Hard landscaping (i.e. driveways, disabled pathways, garden structures, bin stores, paving, walls, fencing etc), and
  • Soft landscaping (i.e. turfing, seeding, planting, soil movement etc)
  • Don't forget that you can claim back the VAT on most materials purchased for hard landscaping within the garden of a new house or conversion
  • It is also possible to reclaim the VAT on some soft landscaping, so long as they were included or required within the planning consent.

Now, you are ready to consider:

  • Painting, decorating
  • Clean out
  • Moving in!
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