Self Build Kit Homes

Increasingly, Self-Builders are becoming more 'hands on', with both the project management and the actual build programme. As such Simply Self Build's service can be tailored as such to deliver an individually-designed Simply Self Build 'Easy Timber Frame' kit home to your site, ready for you to erect.


Simply Self build Kit Homes are designed from scratch, by you. Of course, these come labelled with a full set of technical engineered instructions, and we always offer a Shell Erection Service if required. Due to popular request we have developed Simply Self Build Kit Homes to come complete with factory-fitted insulation (and even factory-fitted windows, if required). This, together with Simply Self Build Cassette Floors & Roofs, pre-hung door sets and bespoke staircases creates the ultimate 'DIY' challange!



Self Build Professionals

Whether you are an experienced building professional, a complete self-building novice, or somewhere in between, our advanced self build homes kits, enable you to make building DIY houses as simple as A B C !

Self Builders Designs

You can choose from our range of selfbuild designs, or make use of our service for drawing up self-builders plans to you own unique design. If you already secured your building land we can work with your favourite architects to make sure your new home is as thermally efficient, environmentally friendly, and best value for money possible.

Building Land & Tight Sites

Because building plots are increasingly difficult to find - even for the largest firms of national house builders and developers, we understand that when you have found your 'little piece of heaven' you will want this to be put to optimum use. Because of the fierce competition for land this often means that self builder's sites are on land that commercial builders find almost 'too difficult' to make money out of.

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Customised Homes

In fact, in our experience, this usually opens up the way for a more interesting, 'custom home'. It may require a great deal more ingenuity than an estate house, and be more difficult to fit on a difficult to access, tight, enclosed, and uneven or steeply sloping home site, but the results can be outstanding.

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House Building Experience

With over 50 years house building and development experience behind us, we really enjoy working closely with customers to help them make the most of what is available to them.

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Building & Surveying Advice

This can run from initial site and soil inspections, self build land surveys, self building surveys, self build setting out, self build project management, self building inspections, self build land surveys, self building surveys, self build setting out, self build project management, self building inspections. As self build surveyors and inspectors we are also ideally placed to be able to help you not only with self building advice and self build training courses, but also with self build planning applications and building regulations for self builders. We may even be able to help you with self build financing and self build mortgage requirements.

>> For further information on the professional advice and services available to both self builders and house-builders, click here.


"All the panels were in excellent condition.
Delivery to a very restricted site was carried out excellently"

Architectural Designers, Somerset

We are not only manufacturers of kit house and DIY homes, we also suppliers of a full range self builder kits, self build materials and building components to make the life of selfbuilders and house builders as simple and straightforward as possible. This includes looking at and providing you with advice on sustainable self building, environmental self build issues related to you project, but also energy saving houses and how to build for low lifetime housing costs, i.e. both optimising your building for low initial costs and for low annual running costs.

Better still, you can also obtain all the supplies you need for your project directly from our 'one stop self build shop'. You can get further information on the sort of individual, unique and ecologically sound building products and accessories available by visiting our showroom.

Home Extensions & Conversions

If you are fed up with trying to find land, or think that the upheaval of moving house from your present neighbourhood community - with the possible loss of friends, relations, and activities - is not what you want, you may prefer to create more home space by enlarging and extending your home.

Although extending buildings can be one of the most difficult and challenging of all architectural home design and construction activities for any builder - let alone a new house builder - we have gone out of our way to make House and Home extensions a speciality.

Whether you want to build out at the side, the front, the back, or upwards; add a single storey addition or a further full height two or three floors, convert the loft - or even take off the roof and replace it with an new one to create up to 60% or more extra floor area - for more information click here.

For a free comprehensive estimate for a Simply Self Build Kit Home project, please send your sketches or drawings to Simply Self Build, TheBenfield ATT Group, Castle Way, Caldicot, Monmouthshire NP26 5PR or phone us on 01291 437050.

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