Solar PV's

Generating Electricity using Solar Photovoltaics and Solar Power

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) harnesses the suns energy and creates electricity to power appliances and lighting. PV’s require daylight not direct sunlight to generate the electricity supply and will still generate some power on a cloudy day.

How does Solar Photovoltaic work?

mediumPV’s are a series of cells consisting of one or two layers of semi conducting material (usually silicon), which are used to convert sunlight into electricity. The light shining on the cells creates an electric field across the layers causing electricity to flow. The brighter the light, the greater the electricity flow.

Is a Solar Photovoltaic System Suitable for my Self Build?

  • Your Self Build will need a roof or wall that faces within 90 degrees of south.
  • The less obstructions around the better as shadows can cause the systems output to decrease.
  • Solar panels are not lightweight so you will have to make the decision early on in your design and inform your structural engineers.
  • PV’s come in a range of colours and sizes to blend into your roof structure.
  • In most places Planning Permission is not needed for PV’s however it is always best to check with your Local Authority if you are unsure.

How Much does a Solar Electricity System Cost?

Prices vary depending on the size, type of system and the nature of the building on which they are to be mounted. The size of your system will be dictated by the amount of electricity you require. Solar tiles cost more than the traditional solar panels however the average cost of a Domestic Solar Electricity System is between £5000 -£7500 including installation.

Solar Electricity Systems could save you £250 on your annual electricity bills.

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