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Wind Turbines & Wind Energy

Hydro Electricity wind turbines use the winds energy to produce kinetic energy to turn the blades of the device. The blades turn a rotor which creates electricity. In the UK we have 40% of Europe’s total wind energy but it is still largely an untapped resource providing only 0.5% of our electricity requirements.

Are wind turbines suitable for your Self Build?


  • Wind power is clean and renewable and produces no CO2 or waste products.
  • Wind Speed increases at height so it’s best to have the turbine high on a mast or tower.
  • You will need to include a turbine in your planning application, as it will in most cases need planning approval.
  • Wind Turbines can be affected if they are surrounded by large buildings or obstacles such as trees that will break the flow of the wind in the area.
  • It is advisable that you get the company you are purchasing the turbine from to come and assess your plot before opting for a turbine.

How much do Wind Turbines cost?

There are two types of turbine, roof mounted and mast mounted. Roof mounted turbines start at about £1500 however a mast mounted turbine can cost between £11,000 and £19,000. Mast mounted turbines are often larger and therefore generate more electricity so you should consider what the turbine will be used for before deciding on one.

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