Hydro Power

Save on Electricity bills by Using Hydro Power

mediumHydro Power systems use running water to turn a turbine and produce electricity. These devices are great for sites that are near water and have no mains connection. Although the cost of installation can be high, it is often less than that of connecting to the mains grid. Technological advances have made Hydro Power an attractive way of generating electricity for light and appliances and when the supply exceeds the demand the electricity can be used to supply heating systems.

How Does Hydro Power Work?

Hydro Power systems convert potential energy stored in water into kinetic energy in order to turn a turbine and produce electricity. The available energy will depend on the flow rate and the height (or head) from which the water falls. Typically smaller systems are between 60 and 80% efficient at turning the kinetic energy into electricity. This can then be used to power lighting and appliances.

Hydro Electricity can generate a steady, more reliable electricity supply than other renewable technologies at a lower cost.

Is Hydro Power Suitable for My Self Build?

  • Your site will need to be close to the site where the energy will be generated.
  • The system can be connected to a mains grid and any electricity generated but not used can be sold to the electricity company.
  • Hydro Power units can be stand alone however you may need a back up power system to compensate for seasonal variations in water flow.

How much will a Hydro Power System Cost?

Hydro costs are very site specific and are related to energy output. They can range from £4000 - £25,000 depending on size and output. Maintenance costs also vary but small scale systems are very reliable and could generate enough electricity to mean you never have to pay another electricity bill again.

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