Roof Replacement

Converting a home by creating a new roof can have significant benefits to the property.

A complete roof replacement is usually considered if the existing roof is unsuitable for conversion (e.g. pitch is too low, inaccessible to contractors, inefficient, decaying timbers, too many structural supports to remove etc). It is an increasingly popular method for bungalow property development to allow one or two extra floors to be added; therefore increasing the floor area by 200-300%.

A recent project in Oxshot involving replacing the roof and adding an additional floor to an old Bungalow


And here is how it was done:


Bungalow Roof ConversionReplacing your roof is therefore an investment. You can help to cut your energy costs and increase the value of your home. If you decide to move, therefore, your new roof can prove to be a lucrative investment. And, though its impact is more subtle, the appearance of your roof can attract buyers to your home and increase the resale value of your home when you sell your home.



Attic Roof Replacement As the image shows, the new roof can be pre-constructed on the ground and lifted into place on large plots for new-build homes. This can improve health and safety and speed.

If you have a smaller plot, or more limited access on your site (which is usually the case), the new roof can be constructed on-site using Trussed Rafters.



If you are not yet at this stage, our sister company TimberTecs offer a nationwide architectural service.


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