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SimplySelf-Build clients are not alone. With experience building hundreds of homes in the UK, we are better equipped than most in the timber frame self-build industry to offer you support throughout your timber frame project.


For most SimplySelf-Build projects, you will be sent a 'Keeping Your Project On Track' booklet. This 35-page booklet will offer you all the technical information you will need to know - terminology, what is required of you, what is required of us, how we will work together, and some useful technical information about our system that you and your architect/builder may find useful. Along with this, you will receive your personal 'Project Contact Sheet'; this will introduce you to your dedicated project team, including their contact details. Within this team will be a wealth of experience, and will always include your experienced Technical Sales Consultant.


customer booklet


Integral to this team is the SimplySelf-Build Project Technician; it is the role of this individual to oversee the design, structural engineering, architecture, site, project management and any other technical area involved in the manufacture of installation of your timber frame home.


Our technical knowledge is superior to most; within or professional offices we have our own SimplySelf-Build Technical Library, including access to the largest timber resource centre in the world. As well as the experience within our team, we also have a wealth of talent through universities, suppliers and professional associations available to us. Most project packages come with ten hours of technical support for the duration of your timber frame package, for which there is no additional charge. After this, we can negotiate the support you may need. Support includes telephone, E-mail, fax, and mail.


Please ask your Technical Sales Consultant for more information on the support you will receive.



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