Eco friendly options for Self Build homes and extensions

When building a home extension it is important to consider your environmental footprint.

Timber is an excellent building material, full of lovely, natural benefits; it ages well, it is structurally-sound, it is naturally warm, it is naturally high-performance in terms of's a wise choice.

Now that you have chosen timber frame for your home extension project, you now have the opportunity to look at other eco-friendly options.

sheep wool insulationInsulation
On top of our high-performing range of insulation types, we can also offer optional prices for hemp, recycled newspaper and lambs wool insulation.

solar panelsAlternative Energy
We are agents for various forms of alternative energy; one of the most efficient is our solar water heating system, which can be installed on the roof of your building (subject to planning, of course!).

fsc certified timber frame for extensionsEco-Friendly Timber
On top of our standard, structurally-graded timber range, in various sizes, we are able to sell Timber Frame Extension Kits, which are made from - and certified by - The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is endorsed by Greenpeace, WWF and the Forestry Commission, and represents the Government's highest level of legal, sustainable and socially-ethical timber sourcing. You too now have the option to support the FSC.


sheep wool insulationGrowing Green Roofs
We can engineer any design feature into our designs, including 'weighty' green roofs. Green Roofs - also known as eco-roofs and roof gardens - are, in short, roofs with 'living' plated spaces. There is nothing new about green roofs; they have been around for centuries (from the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' to the turf roof homes of Ireland and Scandinavia). Modern green roof technology has moved-on considerably in the last ten years-or-so, with increasingly sophisticated systems to attract or promote certain vegetation or wildlife.

As always, be rest-assured with SimplySelf-Build being able to cater for any eco-technologies you may have to incorporate.


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