Australia Range

Self Build House Design - New South Wales RangeThe New South Wales

Laid out as a bungalow, the 1,825 sq ft of floor area includes a superb wrap-round veranda porch.


Self Build House Design - Queensland RangeThe Queenslanders

With all round windows opening on to veranda or balcony areas, this fine home truly brings the outdoors, indoors.


Self Build House Design - South AustraliaRangeThe South Australia

The expansive family room runs as a natural extension to the Dining room and links via a huge breakfast bar with the 'master class' kitchen


Self Build House Design - Victoria RangeThe Victoria

The large wrap-round veranda links to the car port to provide covered access and a delightful sitting out area


Self Build House Design - Western Australia  RangeThe Western Australia

A discrete staircase with spacious storage room rises from the huge entrance hallway (you'll really impress your visitors).


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