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Having designed and built hundreds of homes around the UK and abroad, Simply Self-Build are better placed than most to offer solutions to help you get started.Quite simply, we turn your dream house design into reality.

Smaller Plot Timber Frame Home with double garage


Before you start thinking about house design, you need to establish your budget and available mortgage. Your self-build home can then be designed and built around this constraint. You then need to decide what kind of self-builder you are:

Smaller Plot Timber Frame House


Looking for design inspiration?
You may be considering a land purchase for your self-build house project, or already own the land. You will probably be looking for a house design idea and inspiration, as well as an idea of costings (it is not realistic to design a house for free; the building regulations, and planning regulations need to be taken into account by a professional house designer or architect, although to give you some ideas, a free house design software package such as Google's Sketch-up is always a fun starting point!). We recommend visiting these pages:

Executive Bungalow 3D Floorplan

Already have a design?
If you already own the land and have a design idea (it my have come as part of the planning permission on the land, or you may have engaged a private architect) let us make your project happen. we recommend visiting these pages:

  • Visit our UK nationwide planning permission partners and architects for advice and detailed planning permission service.
  • Or, if you already have planning, Submit Your House Design Plan to us to allow us to quote for your project.
  • If you have a brick house design, and need it converting or tailoring to become a timber frame house design, green house design or eco house design, give us call.


Canadian design house Range


Property Developer?
If you are investigating self-build from a property investment point of view, you may be pleased to know that we can help in a number of ways. We specialise in working alongside self build community and friendship groups – ideally up to fifteen units. Anything over this, we may recommend talking to our nationwide UK commercial building company, FastFrame. Either way, we recommend visiting these pages:

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