Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Simply Environmentally-friendly...

Project Location: Cinderford, Gloucestershire
Client: Self Builder
Nbr of Beds: 2


  • Energy-efficient timber frame home
  • Insulated with sheep's wool
  • Pile foundations
  • Open-plan layout
  • Sun-pipes
  • Good use of very restricted and narrow site
  • No central heating system required


  • Structural Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacture and installation of Timber Frame
    structure including insulation, Cladding,
    windows, doors, and first-fix joinery


This project was close to our hearts; the clients wanted to reduce their environmental 'footprint' and so designed this simple, contemporary bungalow to incorporate the features they had always dreamed of.

A truly-delightful eco-home, the clients decided that the house was so energy-efficient (even in the winter months), that they wouldn't need to install any heating - so they didn't !. Instead, this entire home is heated with just a single wood burning stove.

A tricky site in all respects; elevated site for groundwork, hand-lifting of the panels and roof trusses up a steep incline, and no space for scaffold on two sides.



Case Study 2 - Simply Complex...

Project Location: Bishop's Stortford, Surrey
Client:Architect working on behalf of Self-Builder
Nbr of Beds: 3


  • Innovative split-level pentagon shaped
    design requiring complex portal frame
  • Exposed structural bolted glulam feature
  • 2 Large reception rooms
  • Internal mezzanine balcony
  • Complex stairwell
  • Engineering allowed for complex bespoke
    feature windows


  • Structural Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacture and installation of innovative
    Timber Frame Structure, including factory
    fitted insulation


An exciting and challenging design (apparently many Timber Frame firms refused to even Estimate the project for this reason), we acted as structural advisors in the design and planning stages of the project.

A tight site, and built to exceed the new Part L building regulations, this project required our structural designers, engineers and carpenters to embrace advanced timber off-site construction techniques, rarely seen in the UK.

This is just one of the many projects in the UK that required our advanced timber engineering capabilities.


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