Pressure on Self Builders from House Builders

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According to the Home Builders Federation, Galiford Try and Persimmon have reporteed positive results and in an improving and stable housing market.

These trading statements to the City show sales up at both firms in recent months. This has to be a BIG pointer for Self Builders that things are hotting up and that - in a significantly undersupplied  new homes market, prices will be rising before long

In Persimmon's view the market in the first half of the year was so "stable" that it  opened 70 new sites, earmarking 70 more for the second half of 2011. Since they ahve been selling mainly smaller house types, their average selling prices were lowered to £162,000 from almost £169,000.

House completions at Galliford Try rose by 27% with pre-sales of 23% being carried forward.  Given this improving market, it too is opening new sites in accordance with with its expansion plans.

Modest imporvements in mortage loans were also noted by Persimmon, who said that  "any meaningful increase in industry output will only occur with a significant improvement in the currently constrained mortgage lending conditions".

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