Faster Planning

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Who’s Kidding Who?

So, egged on by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, other Ministries are to ‘work quickly’ in an effort to reform the planning system.

This is necessary in order to assist – or in many cases actually give effect to – the Chancellor’s ambitious proposals to return the National Economy to growth.

Planning Central

Recognising the planning system’s key role in enabling, if not securing, the concomitant sustainable development needed, they nevertheless recognise that delivering these reforms will take many months.

To address this they have produced specific steps they expect Planning Authorities to take to help secure this ‘return to growth’ immediately.

Priority Reforms

Top priorities in reforming the planning system are:-

  • Promoting sustainable economic growth and jobs
  • The presumption that Planning Permission involving growth should be granted unless this would compromise “key sustainable development proposals set out in national planning policy …”

Please click here to read the full statement

Localism Log Jams
All great rhetoric – but we still have to await the substance.

This includes details of how Government intends to handle the conflicts of interest that do and will arise with their Localism Agenda.

How, for example, they will get the Nation’s NIMBY Army to give up their local rights in deference to the new presumptions in favour of planning approval.  What, indeed, is to be the new National Planning Policy?  And, returning to a somewhat more urbane question, what definition of ‘Sustainability’ is to be used in these various contexts?

Expect Less Development Land
All-in-all our guess is that the restrictions that prevent and deter land being both brought forward for development and securing planning permission are likely to maintain for the next several years.

… And Higher Land Prices
Meanwhile it behoves would be Self Builders to latch on to whatever land they can obtain for their own project before land shortages drive prices even higher.

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