Solar Farms ‘Milking’ FIT’s

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21,000 Installations Registered

Although over 21,000 mainly domestic Feed in Tariff schemes (FIT’s) have been

Huge Solar Farms Milking FIT's

Huge Solar Farms Snatch FIT Cash

 registered since the scheme started a year ago, the signs are that huge ‘Solar Farms’ are the ones really set to cash in on the facility.

Fearful that this unexpected move could overwhelm the scheme and soak up all the money, the Government is to carry out an urgent review of how the Feed in Tariff facilities are practice.

Wider Micro-generation Application

Micro-Hydro, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels are among the domestic projects that have so far registered. Indeed such ‘Green Energy’ forms part of Government strategy to encourage householders, SME’s and local communities in general to produce their own electricity via sustainable means. The development of a range of micro-power capabilities is seen by the Coalition as ‘vital’ to the Nation’s needs.

Cut-Backs Already Programmed

However, with Government already committed to cut back FIT’s by at least 10% by 2014/15, it was already due to implement a revue in 2012 “… or earlier if uptake exceeded Government expectations”. 

Consequently, because such large scale ‘Solar Farm’ schemes could prejudice the recognised need to use FIT’s to help provide the certainty needed for the micro-generation sector to invest, the revue has been brought forward.

Renewable Heat

If the threat of ‘Solar Farms’ is not enough to jolt the industry, the fact that Government also intends that renewable heat should also be supported out of the same scheme should cause folks to sit up and pay attention.

Concern Over Large Scale PV

Relating the review to the economic crisis, Chris Huhne, the Minister responsible, said that his concern over the funding of large scale Photo-Voltaic schemes had been growing.  With planning permission already granted for several such schemes, and with many more applications being in the offing, he felt that if these were “…left unchecked (they could), take a disproportionate amount of available funding or even break the cap on total funding”.,    

Self-Builders & Home Extenders Take Note

Any Self-Builder or Home Extender that has in mind using PV panels and helping finance these via the Feed in Tariff scheme should act now.

Since the change to the Building Regulations in October 2010, micro-generation on site has assumed much greater significance.  Without FIT’s the cost of your build could be considerably increased.

… Even when you use Affordable Timber Frame solutions!
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