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More on Solar ‘Milk’ Farms

Solar Power Energy - Desert 'Farm'

Solar Energy

A couple of weeks ago I exposed the developing trend for huge solar farms to grab all the available Feed-in-Tariff incentives (Solar Farms ‘Milking’ FIT’s, 11-2-11).

Now Chris Huhne, the Secretary of State for Climate Change has published an article in the Western Morning news and Western Daily Press attempting to mollify these fears.

Guilty as Charged

Admitting that the potential for the creation of large scale solar farms had been overlooked, he accepted that these could skew the costs, push up energy bills and “hog the money meant for home-owners”.

Recognising that a single 5MW facility could soak up the equivalent of 1500 house roof PV installations, he conceded that even if only half the 8 schemes already with PP and the other 20 in process go ahead these will take up around 1/5th of the funds provided for next year.

Crazy Comment?.

“If we let large solar installations continue unabated …” he carefully explained that the money would run out!  Instead of a ‘boom and bust’ he wants to see the sector “grow steadily”, especially in Devon & Cornwall which he considers are the sunniest parts of the country.

Economic Growth & Employment.

Since, in his words “…( the) cost is added to energy bills, why on earth are the ConDem’s not finding ways to increase the overall popularity of FiT’s, allow the industry to race away, create more jobs in an essential key front line hi-tech sector, increase the UK’s ‘Green’ energy outputs and reduce our CO2 emissions more rapidly, while at the same time receiving higher taxes to reduce the national deficit?

Or is there some alternative agenda, say to protect the energy companies, oil and gas producers, and so on that we don’t yet know about?

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