Will 2011 be the year Councillors Become Community Champions?

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A Vote Without a Voice?

So, according to Grant Shapps, "It is ridiculous that a community can vote for someone standing on a particular issue, only for that person to be barred from talking about it once in office”

More or Less Bias?

His view is that Councillors must be given the freedom to properly represent the views of their constituents. And his Localism Bill aims tom do just that. It will clarify the predetermination rules and so put an end to uncertainty that has left councillors up and down the country confused and concerned about whether voicing an opinion on an issue of local importance will lead to charges of bias.

Unintended Consequences

Fair enough.  But what of the unintended consequences?

Whose Interests Will Be Represented?

Since many Councillors – as well as other politicians at all levels of government – seem to have more regard for their re-election than the real long term effects of their actions, how will giving  them ‘... more clout than ever before to get things done’ translate into the grant of your planning permission, giving you the opportunity to Self-Build your home, or even extend and improve your present one?

2011 the 'Year of Councillor Power"

As far as the people they serve are concerned,  2011 will truly be the year of councillor power.

Furtheer Erosion in UK housing Stock?

But will Grant's aim of “… encouraging a new generation of community champions to put their names on the ballot paper for May's local elections” backfire and lead to further erosion of the UK’s housing stock – old as well as new?

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