Self Builders New Year "Revolution"

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Grant Shapps’ Loves Self-Builders

Last week Grant Shapps, the Housing Minister, called on all aspiring UK self-builders to make their New Year's resolution to be part of a country wide house building 'revolution' .

What is a Government Ministers 'Pledge' worth?

Pledging to change Self-Build as being only for the privileged few, he pledged to tear down the barriers that stand in thier way. This includes what he sees as a complex and bureaucratic planning system a range of other regulatory burdens, and the huge difficulties of accessing land and finance.

Your Right to 'Self Build'

Seeming to see 'self-building your own home' as a virtually a right, not a privilege, he wants to remove the barriers faced by many aspiring self-builders.  To this end he has asked experts at the National Self Build Association to work with Government to develop an action plan to make it easier for people to build their own homes.  This is intended to cover those building individually, or as part of a community effort to build whole new neighbourhoods.

Will this action plan help you?

This action plan will consider how many more people can be helped; and how they can gain full benefit from the opportunities available to them to build their own homes. Citing the new "Community Right to Build" measures, he believes power can be put back into the hands of local people.  This he hopes will secure the go-ahead for new developments in their area - as well as opening the door for a whole new generation of self-builders.

Will he Succeed?

Whether or not he will succeed may depend on not only how easy you find it to find the land and amass the other resoiuces needed for you project, but also on how well his 'Localism Agenda' works out in practice (see post "Will 2011 be the year Councillors Become Community Champions")

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